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Brooke Weissman - Owner

Brooke is a licensed esthetician and a certified lash technician.

Brooke has perfected her techniques in eyelash extensions, lash lifts and tints and waxing. She has a passion for the beauty industry and everything it encompasses focusing on brow shaping and styling and lash extensions.


Brooke's goal is to help you develop a custom lash look that celebrates your natural beauty and have you walking out the door feeling confident and ready to take on the world in true style.

"I've been going to Brooke for a little over a year now and she never fails to let me down.  Her work is amazing and she's dedicated to her clients."   - Gia V


"Brooke was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed during my fill.  She makes sure clients are as satisfied as possible.  As for my lashes, they came out perfect.  She did everything that I asked for and more."    - Mursal K

"Brooke is very professional and amazing at what she does! 100% recommend."   - Seva A 


'Come As You Are, Leave As You're Meant To Be"

Long Lashes
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